No Fees

Artists keep 100%

Charge $100? Get paid $100.

Customers pay a little extra instead.

Plant Trees

Plant a tree with every commission, on us!

With every sale, we donate to Eden Reforestation to plant a tree!

State of the Art

Organize your commissions - automatically!

Artistree's all-in-one commission platform includes:

  • Integrated commission request form
  • Automated client invoices
  • Commission status dashboard
  • Customizable terms of service
  • Secure direct messaging

More Security

Safe commissions, for both artists and clients
  • Get paid 100% up front
  • Sell anonymously: customers only see your username
  • Documented proof-of-work, to help fight chargebacks
  • Quality customer service
  • A professional, secure buying experience
  • Use their preferred payment method

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