No Fees

Artists keep 100%

Charge $100? Get paid $100.

Customers pay a little extra instead.

Plant Trees

Plant a tree with every commission, on us!

With every sale, we donate to Eden Reforestation to plant a tree!

State of the Art

Organize your commissions - automatically!

Artistree's all-in-one commission platform includes:

  • Integrated commission request form
  • Automated client invoices
  • Commission status dashboard
  • Customizable terms of service
  • Secure direct messaging

More Security

Safe commissions, for both artists and clients
  • Get paid 100% up front
  • Sell anonymously: customers only see your username
  • Automatic scam blocking
  • Documented proof-of-work, to help fight chargebacks
  • Quality customer service
  • A professional, secure buying experience
  • Use their preferred payment method

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Not yet, marketplaces often encourage undercutting and negative competition among sellers. That's not what we want to support.

Artistree is here to help ensure you stay safe, organized, and get paid fairly when taking commission work, with the clients you already have! All for free!

During checkout, your clients pay a small platform fee; this lets us keep the site free for artists to use (and plant trees)!

Artistree charges your clients a platform fee of 6.5%.

If the price of the commission is less than $100, an extra $2.60 USD is added.

Much of this fee is used to cover credit card fees, ensuring artists can get paid 100%!

For example, if you set the price of a commission at $100, your customer would pay $106.50 total (before taxes).

Yes! We encourage sellers to charge 100% of the commission price up front.

Yes! When accepting a commission, the seller will set the Terms of Service and price. Every commission is different, so we wanted to offer flexibility in the ToS. We are considering offering templates in the future.

You can sell any kind of digital product or service! There are plenty of musicians, 3D Modelers, animators, writers, and video editors selling on Artistree today! Not only artists!

As long as the product you’re selling is:

  • Digital
  • Custom
  • Delivered via Artistree

Then you’re good to go!

Are you a digital artist?

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