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Selling on Artistree is easy, safe, and organized!

Two ways to take your commissions:

Artistree Request Forms:

Allow customers to reach you seamlessly from social media, while emphasizing security in the transaction.

Artistree Invoices:

For artists that prefer to deliver work off-platform, while still getting paid 100%.

Request Form vs Invoices:

FeatureArtistree Request FormArtistree Invoices
Artists Keep 100%?
Automated Dashboard
Anonymous Selling
In-App Messaging
Work Delivered Over Artistree
Chargeback Protection

One place for your commissions,

no matter the situation:

Our suggestion when:Artistree Request FormArtistree Invoices
A client finds you through social media
You're just starting out with commissions
You've had problems with clients in the past
Your client is a regular
You're selling commissions at a convention
You already have an organization process that works!

Artistree VS. Ko-fi

ArtistreeKo-fi CommissionsKo-fi Gold
Sellers keep 100%?

(5% fee + transactions fees)

(transactions fees)

Free for creators?

(with fees)

($6-8 / month)

Sharable commission form as link?
Manages commission slots?
Collects and remits sales tax / VAT / GST for sellers?
Creators can decline commissions?
Defends sellers from refunds and chargebacks?

How does Artistree compare to other freelancing options?

Watch this guide to learn more about taking
commissions with Artistree!

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