Artistree Slot & Wait­list Sys­tem Ex­plained

Ellery Kreloff

Co-Founder and CEO


Artistree has released new updates to help artists stay more organized, and to give them more control over their request forms!

Closing All Commissions

If you would like to take a break from accepting commissions, you can easily close your request form as shown below.
Close all commission example
When your commission form is closed, it will look like this:
Where “sailormoonart” will be the your Artistree username.
Closed all commissions request form example

Global Request Limit

You can now set a Global Request Limit, found under your Commission Settings page.
Global request limit example
How it works:
The Global Request Limit will automatically close your commissions when you receive the specified number of requests.
Requests are defined as “commission inquiries that the creator has not yet Accepted or Declined”. Requests live in the first column of the Dashboard, represented by cards
Dashboard request column showcase
For example: if the Global Request Limit was set to 10, and 10 cards existed in the requests column, Artistree will close the request form.
Limit Reached
When the Global Request Limit is reached, Artistree will close your commissions automatically. Anyone viewing your commission request form will see this:
Where “sailormoonart” will be the your Artistree username.
Closed all commissions request form example
No Limit
Leaving the Global Request Limit empty means there is no limit to the number of requests you can receive.

Slots, Waitlists, and Closing Individual Types

The number of slots indicates how many commissions of that type you would like to work on at a time. For example, if you only feel comfortable working on 3 Bust commissions at a time, set your slots to 3.
You can edit the slot number under the Commission Types panel on your Artistree profile.
Number of slots example
Artistree tracks the state of your commissions, to automatically activate the waitlist when your slots are full.
A commission will only take up a slot once it has been accepted by the creator. You can use the columns of your dashboard as a guide, for when a commission is considered “Active”.
Dashboard active status example
For example, the artist above sells Bust commissions with 3 slots. In the Dashboard, they have 1 request. Their Bust slots are marked by Artistree as (0/3 full), with 3 slots remaining.
When the request is accepted, the commission will move to the “Awaiting Payment” column. The request is now filling a slot. Bust slots will be shown to clients as 2 slots remaining (1/3 full).
When you complete or cancel a commission, the card will move to the “Closed” column. It will no longer fill a slot.
Clients can see the number of slots available on the commission request form
Request form slots examople
Automatic Waitlist
When an artist’s slots are full, Artistree automatically marks the commission type as waitlisted.
A notice about the number of requests in line is shown to potential clients. In this example, there are 2 requests in the waitlist:
Request form waitlist example
When you complete or cancel a commission, the card will move to the “Closed” column. Depending on your number of active commissions, this might re-open your commissions and remove the (Waitlist) tag.
Manually Waitlisting & Closing Commissions
If you would like to close or waitlist a specific commission type, set the slider in the Commission Types menu.
Manual waitlist and close a commission type example
If a commission type is closed, requests will not be accepted. Clients viewing your request form will be notified that commissions of this type are currently closed.
A closed commission type closed
If you have any questions, you can email us at
Happy commissioning!
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