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YCH Kowaii

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7 days

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YCH (Your character Here)

Its a simple 2 frame gif drawing

Options (does not cost extra):

- 3D version (along the normal version, if you ask I will include 3d version of the gif as well)

- symbols (things like sparkles, stars, hearts etc)

- speech bubble?

- coloured background or if not mentioned you get a transparent piece



-females and males (if you don't mind the lashes on male character, but can also make them smaller or remove them, but you have to let me know if that's the case!)

-cs/non-cs characters welcome

-human and humanoid like species

-flat faced anthro characters

-1 character per drawing


-very complicated designs

-characters from description

-multiple limbs/heads






~ Character: (Name + references)

~ Expression: (so for the second frame you can choose either: smiling eyes / wink / closed eyes, for the mouth: closed mouth smile / open mouth grin )

~ Console: (choose colours/patterns/stickers, custom screen background to your liking)

~ Background: (Coloured / transparent)

~ Extra stuff: (3D version / symbols (sparkles are default) / speech bubble )

~ Other: (anything else I need to know?)

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