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Photo Colorization

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Would you like to bring your old family photos to life by adding *color* and restoring them to look like they could have been taken today? I would love to help make this happen!

I carefully and thoughtfully edit each photo by hand, and restore it to its best possible condition while also adding *color* to bring the image to life.

I'm happy to fill any specific color requests (if you know for a fact your great grandfather's jacket was blue and should be colored as such), but otherwise promise to make careful educated decisions while coloring your photos.


LOW DETAIL IMAGES (less than 10 elements).........$60

MED DETAIL IMAGES (between 10-20 elements)...$80

HIGH DETAIL IMAGES (20+ elements)........................$100


1.) What can you tell me about this image? Who or what is the subject, what time period was it taken, and do you have any specific knowledge of original colors that may have been present when the image was taken? If not, no worries! I will do my best to color the image based on historical research/clues from the image itself.

2.) Please attach a high quality scan of your photo, preferably in .png or .jpg format and at least 1920x1080 pixels.


Why can't you fully restore my image?

Photo editing technology can be used to fix scratches, tears, and stains on photos in a large number of cases. However, there are certain issues that are unable to be restored depending on how severe the damage is and where the imperfection is located on a photo.

How do you know which colors to use?

Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure what original colors were present in a black and white image. However, there are ways to make educated guesses based on the time period a photo was taken, lighting/shades in an image, and information from family/friends.

What is an "element"?

I charge for each colorization based on the amount of elements in your image. An element can be a background, hat, jacket, skin, etc. Each element in a photo will need to be colored individually, and therefore the more elements an image has, the more time it will take to colorize.

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