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This is a "Pay what you want" commission, where you are able to choose how much you pay, and I provide you with a surprise drawing based on your payment (similar to how skeb works). The result will start at little sketch doodles at 10 USD up to full illustrations at several hundred USD.

Unlike other standard commissions, you will NOT receive a rough draft where you request changes, simply the final drawing. However, because you are letting me have that freedom, the illustrations will be slightly better quality than what you would receive for the same price on a standard commission.

For examples on what you might receive for a particular price, please check the scale below or check .

Because of the type of commission, please note that the commission fee is non-refundable even if you choose to cancel.

Please note that the turn around time will vary quite a bit depending on the price you put down, with small requests turning around as fast as a week or large requests turning around in ~6 weeks.

Please provide me with picture references of your character with any specific requests and I will do my best to follow that based on your pricing!

If you have a preference, please also feel free to specify whether you would like more details vs more character size (for example, for 150$ you can ask to have a cleaner bust illustration with some background, a simple half body illustration, or a sketchy full body ).

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