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30 days

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Hi! Welcome to my page!

I'm Deka. I'm a freelance Digital Artist.

Please read a few things below!

- The price shown is just starting price, I will give you a reasonable price based on the job desc.

- The commercial price is 2x the normal price.

I will draw characters from :



Webtoon/Light Novel/Manhwa(Manhwa with anime style)


I do :


Old People


Drawing or Redrawing your Original Character(OC)

I don't do anything related to NSFW

My Workflow :

- Message me and tell me a detailed job description, and photo references.

- We do a brief.

We can move to the sketching step if everything's ready.

- When the sketch is done, I will send you the sketch and give you a reasonable price.

- After you approved the sketch, I will continue to the Painting steps.

Regarding OC, if you have any ideas about making your OC, like Faces, Hair color, Outfit, or her Character in general. Feel free to share the details! maybe we can work something out!

Thank you!

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