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I have a flexible art style, you can specifically ask for my usual semi-realistic art, anime, or comic cartoony style.

I can draw any race/ethnicity/age, if you feel I've misrepresented it/would like some minor adjustments tell me and I will happily fix it.

Don't be afraid to ask about anything! Your preferences for how you want your oc's/fav characters/drawn loved ones are perfectly valid. (i.e. certain color palettes, time of day, specific facial expressions, scars, any hair types, etc.)

Lewd poses or lewd facial expressions/gore limited to 18+ only characters/AND clients. Safe for work images are available to anyone. (specific kinks are negotiable, I will either accept/decline them, communication is key)

(If the OC/Character you want drawn is an anthro, alien, monster with widly different proportions from a human that is acceptable so long as you have at least 3+ references of what they look like from different angles for me to use, colored ref images preferred unless you are only buying lineart. The references don't have to be super detailed photos or well drawn refs, just clear enough for me to understand)

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