Sorry, iagwg is currently closed for commissions!


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1 days

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Hello, this is the first time I make commissions.

I'll be as honest as possible, you're practically a beta tester.

I manage well drawing muscular women, warriors, etc. In the case of men I can also try it, but I need you to understand that the quality may be lower.

The better and clearer the description, the better the product will be.

The variation of the price is subject to the time I need to do it and I start counting it at the moment of drawing, not before or if it is delayed for reasons of my life. (drawing is not my job)

I will try that if they are open it means that I can deliver them the same day or at next.

Each hour of drawing will be 12 dollars more to the base price.

The schedules are from Argentina (GMT-3), sorry if some arrive when it is early in the morning in your country.

Although I write bad English, my understanding of it is much better, so you can be as detailed as you want.

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