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2 days

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Hey there! thanks for checking out my sketch gig. I'm very comfortable in my ability to do quality speed sketches having experience doing them in convention artist alleys. I'm most comfortable with realism or imitating a well known art style (specific animated shows like Disney or anime). Once I know what you're wanting drawn and it is approved I can have your sketch done between 1 hour to 24 hours. Depends on the time of the request and the complexity of the sketch. Sketches are near complete pieces read for lineart, I will send a rough sketch to get your idea approved before refining it.

average price for a bust is $15 but small simple head only characters I can help you flush out for $5

fullbody/most of the body is $25

extra characters +60%

backgrounds are +$15

I can draw:

anthro or animals


armour and mecha



soft gore

complex scenes

I will NOT draw:

extreme gore

minors in nsfw scenarios

incest or R***e

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