Select a commission to request from kloppi:


Slots Available:


Estimated Price:


Estimated Delivery:

5 days

Additional Information:


I will draw a detailed Eye Close-ups.

Options: 1 side($1),both sides($2), added variant(+$1)

Prize-included: Patterns,tattoos,make-up,Hair

Information I need:(*optional)

Character refrence

Do you want hair added? (no additional cost)

*Character Personality or expression

*Potential Symbols added, lash color, Makeup

*General Color Palette

Custom Character

Slots Available:


Estimated Price:


Estimated Delivery:

30 days

Additional Information:


I will make you an individual Design! These are fully hand-drawn and there are no species limits. (I do furry, human/oid,any gender).Each sheet will have a unique Background and layout.


1 Pose, 1 Outfit, Color Palette ($50-60)

+Eye or Face closeup($1-10)

+Extra Outfits($5-30)

+Furry/feral/Human form or Pet($15-30)

+Rendered Version ($20-50)

+Other Extras (Lets discuss!)

NEEDED INFO (*Optional)


Outfit category or refrences

*Personality or Pose

*color palette

*Face description or refrence


*Important Details

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