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Furry / Human(oid) headshots

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Estimated Delivery:

4 days

Additional Information:

Character headshots ! This includes a headshot of your requested character, from the shoulders (or slightly below the shoulders) up.

Lineart - €6,00

Flat colour (no shading) - €8,50

Fully shaded/rendered - €12,00

Furry OC reference sheet

Slots Available:


Estimated Price:


Estimated Delivery:

10 days

Additional Information:


Type A - Blank/solid background with a front + back shot, + sideshot of the head (See example)

Type B - Full body with minor or no shading, 2 chibi’s showcasing fur pattern + Colours + accessories etc. (see example)

Type C - Front + Back + Side shot etc.

Price depends on the quality of the piece. Type A for example would be €20,00.

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