The Found­ing Folks

Ellitifa locking hearts.
Ellery Kreloff

Co-Founder and CEO

She has a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

An avid cosplayer, one of her main motivations for founding Artistree was to commission tasteful art of Sett from League of Legends.

The most beautiful pic there is of Yazeed.
Yazeed Sabri

Co-Founder and CTO

He has a BS in Computer Science from the the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

He's also known as your friendly neighborhood cyclist and spicy food enthusiast.

portraits by @nicolebrennan.draws

Our Ad­vi­sors

Catt Small

Director of Product Design at All Turtles and co-organizer of Game Devs of Color Expo

Michael Tiffany

A Gentleman Hacker

Associate at Fulcra Dynamics Corporation

Peter Zaballos

A reformed VC and a cloud tech CMO

Fractional CMO at Authentic Brand

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